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Personal 1:1 Call with Dmitry

If you purchased PR That Converts Complete VIP Package for $997 you get two 45-minute Skype call with me.

The intention of this call is to get you off to a fast start implementing what you learn in the course.

We should schedule these calls only after you have gone through the entire course at least once.

Please email me at [email protected] with the best date and time between 10am EST and 5pm EST Monday through Friday which works for you.

Once you book your call, you’ll also get instructions on what to prepare and a series of questions to answer to get me up to speed with your business so we can maximize our time together.

Bonus Interviews with Tim Ferriss, Brian Dean and others

Click here to view the bonus interviews.

List of Supplementary Growth Hacks

In addition to building relationships with influencers and press here are some of the best tools, resources, and articles about other out of the box growth strategies for your business:

Step By Step Diagram of How to Get Press For Your Startup

My top 10 Growth Hacks: Interview on Growth Hacker TV

How I got 6.2 Millions Pageviews and 144K+ followers

500 Growth Strategies and Tactics searchable by keyword

50 Growth Hacking Tools For Your Startup

26 Cold Email Templates Which Guarantee a Response

80 Powerful Email Endings To Make People Remember You

How to Guess Anyone’s Email Address

How To Send Hundreds of Personalized Outreach Emails

Good Email Copy – Compilation of Best Emails From The Biggest Brands 

List of Products, Tools and Apps Described in PR That Converts

I covered a lot of different products, tools and apps during the course which I use for different purposes, here is the master list of all of them:

JustReachOut – find press opportunities and pitch press/bloggers/influencers on your own

AnyMailFinder – finding email address (this is probably the best tool out there for this job, not only does it find the email but it also verifies it for you)

Hunter – finding email address (it’s certainly been around for a while, it’s a bit unreliable since it does not verify the email addresses but it certainly has the most number of emails

Conspire – give access to your Gmail and the tool will tell you who in your Gmail history and past emails can introduce you to your prospect. It’s pretty dope. FullContact just acquired them.

RocketOutreach – finding email address, phone number, address of your prospects

VoilaNorbert – a very basic email finder tool

EmailMatcher – finds the email of your prospect, pretty good!

LeadIQ – build prospecting lists from LinkedIn searches and get email addresses for those prospects so you can email them

Sellhack – same as LeadIQ above, helps you build a list of people you want to contact from LinkedIn search and find their email address.

MixMax – see if someone opened your email, do mail merge, schedule emails, use quick templates – amazing cold outreach tool, hooks up to your Gmail, sends emails from your Gmail account

Mailshake – a really easy way to schedule cold email outreach sequences. I’d say this is the best user experience I’ve had using a cold email outreach service.

HelpAReporter – see which journalist needs a a source/expert for an article they’re writing (we index all their results in but you do need to sign up for their service to be able to email journalists)

SumoMe – awesome and free tools to grow your email list for your blog – the best out there (I’ve used a lot of them), the best copywriting service for your website or your email outreach, they optimize for conversion so well!

GrowthTools – a huge and the most comprehensive collection of growth hacking tools

Name2Email – The folks at actually created this, it’s nice little simple tool to find email address right from Gmail

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Once you’ve hit that goal, shoot me an email at [email protected]

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